Ice breaker days & teambuilding

Project weeks at the Youth Hotel in Austria

Going to a new class or to a new school often causes difficulties for students to connect and find new friends. During normal school days there is rarely time for class mates to get to know each other better.

Sometimes conflicts also make social life in a group or class more difficult. Ice Breaker days with experiential education by guides help to bond and master everyday school life. 

Tricky tasks will have to be solved and barriers and prejudices will have to be overcome by working together as a team! The aim of this programme is to promote the social competence of the students. A school class will be turned into a classy team!

Teambuilding in Weitenmoos

With the Teambuilding programme, the group will be attended on the hotel grounds by experienced team-coaches. Experiential pedagogical games and tasks will require team spirit, communication, trust and consideration of the weaker group members. 


Please bring: Trainers or sneakers, clothes that may get dirty (wear out traces will have to be expected)
Duration: ½ day (3h) or full day programme (2x3h)

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Weitenmoos Adventure day.

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Boundless - the Team Project

Working as a team working together
„Boundless – the team project“ is a very special outdoor adventure. For one day the class will be united with the wilderness and has to solve tasks and overcome obstacles in nature by teamwork. An adventure that makes limits approachable and that offers adrenaline kicks

Communication, team spirit and consideration of the weaker group members are important. Because only unity will get you to the finish line.
The group will be looked after by an experienced Outdoor professional.

Please bring: Trainers or sneakers and clothes that may get wet and dirty, second pair of shoes (shoes get wet!) and spare clothes are recommended; wearout traces will have to be expected, young people under 18 years of age have to bring a signature of the parents on conditions of participation.
Duration: Full day programme including transfer

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