National park - Programme  upper Tauern

Biggest National Park of the alps in Austria

The National Park in Upper Tauern is situated in the counties of Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol.
With an area of 1.800 km² it is the biggest nature reserve in the Alpine region. The National Park is unique because of the union of rough primeval landscape and placid cultural landscape. 

The National Park programme with an array of thematic emphases for school and youth groups are especially suitable to supplement Biology and Geography lessons. 

General information & notes

We have only selected National Park excursions for you that are in the surrounding of the Youth Hotel Weitenmoos. On your expedition arround the Upper Tauern the young people will be accompanied by experienced National Park rangers.

They encourage the students to research, discover, help disclose secrets and thereby open their eyes for a new, great world.

Information for our National Park excursions:
Age: for all grades
Equipment: solid sneakers, trainers or hiking boots with a profile
Duration of the programme: Excursions can be booked for half-day or full-day
Costs per student:
(Transfer not included) 
€ 5,- half-day
€ 7,- full-day

Here you can download the National Park folder as a pdf.

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Excursion 'primeval forest Rauris'

The primeval forest 'Rauris' is one of the most fascinating forest of the National Park Upper Tauern. Countless swamp ponds, old spruce, huge rocks and beautiful clearings within an old tree population are expecting you. 
Hiking in the National Park in the Salzburgerland

On a nature trail and with modern displays you learn a lot about the formation of the woodland as well as about plants and animals that live there. In a small forest museum there is a jungle-book with many animal voices to listen to.

Note: moderately difficult hike, total walking time: approximately 3 h 

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Excursion 'Valley of the vultures & wild animals'

The National Park Upper Tauern is one of the last retreats in Europe for many wild animals. The bearded vulture, one of the biggest birds which are able to fly in the world was also reintroduced in the National Park. 
Golden eagle in the National Park Hohe Tauern

With a little luck you can observe bearded vultures, griffon vulture, golden eagles as well as Capricorns and other wild animals on your excursion in the 'Krumltal' in Rauris. 

Note: Only bookable for a full-day programme, moderately difficult hike,
total walking time: approximately 4 h. 

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Excursion 'Valley head Hüttschlag'

The valley head in Hüttschlag is one of the most primeval areas of the National Park Upper Tauern. Before starting the hike you can visit the free exhibition 'Mysteries of the mountain forest' at the Talwirt, that is about the forest habitat in the National Park .
Exhibition National Park Hohe Tauern at the Talwirt

Many questions like "Do some trees need a funghi to survive?" or "Can a nutcracker be without a Zirbe?" are being answered in an interactive and playful manner. Then you will explore the mountain forest in 'Schödertal' with a National Park ranger and learn a lot about the peculiarities of the reserve. 

Note: easy hike, total walking time 2,5 h

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Excursion "The rear Großarl valley"

The rear Großarl valley offers many rewarding hiking destinations. The diversity of plants and abundance of wild animals is unique within the whole National Park Upper Tauern. Guided by a National Park ranger the tour will be a beautiful and unforgettable experience.
National-Park-Ranger with children

If there is time you can visit the free exhibition "Mysteries of the mountain forest" at the Talwirt which is about the habitat forest in the National Park. Many questions, like "Do trees need a fungus to survive?" or "Can a nutcracker be without a Zirbe?" are being answered in an interactive way.

: Only bookable as a full-day programme, difficult hike, total walking time: 5 h 

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Excursion "The world of the typical plants of the high mountains"

The National Park ranger will introduce the most important plant species and their conditions regarding location.
The topic plants in a changing climate will also be talked about, as well as many interesting questions will be answered. 
Mountain flower Enzian

"Why do high mountain flowers have such rich colours?", "Why does the Edelweiß have hair?", "Why can some plants grow on rocks?" and many more.

Note: medium hike

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Excursion "Forest life"

With this excursion children will experience the forest with senses and will find out about the most important tasks the forest has. Older students will learn how to identify the most important native tree species and how to interpret traces of wild animals.
Holidays in the nature of the Salzburgerland

The stratification of the forest and the different types of forest are also being talked about.

Note: easy hike

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Excursion "Winter experience"

With snowshoes (included) school- & youth groups will experience the winter away from the busy ski slope. Footprints, remnants of feeding and traces from nesting tell a lot about the behaviour of the animals in winter and will be discussed during the excursion as well as the survival techniques of the plants in winter. 
Tracks in the snow

The young people will be familiarized with using an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe and learn how to build a snow bivouac

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National Park lecture in the Youth Hotel

In this lecture a National Park ranger will inform about the flora, fauna and mountain world in the National Park Upper Tauern and tells about the biggest nature reserve in the Alps.

Duration: approximately 1 h - 1,5 h
National Park Hohe Tauern