Package 4: Ice-breaker days in autumn

Package 4: Ice breaker days in autumn
Inkluded Service
This package is especially suitable in the beginning of the school year for all types of schools - for getting to know the new classmates.


3 Days / 2 Nights

Package price incl. 2 Nights with full board and drinks - 6h Guide

Summer 2018:      only € 111,60
Ice-breaker days in the Youth hotel near Salzburg in Austria


1. Day Arrival (without transfer)
Games and Fun in the house-own sports - and adventure park
Tip: half-day hike to the Liechtenstein-gorge - without guide
(Admission: € 3,00 per person not included)
2. Day all-day Teambuilding: Group-activities at the house which promote skilfulness, team spirit & group reliance (3h in the morning + 3h in the afternoon)
3. Day Departure (without transfer)
only € 111,60

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