Hiking tips in Salzburgerland, Austria

Numerous hikes for schools and families

Our hiking tips in Pongau are only a small extract from 550 alpine huts in Salzburgerland. All around St. Johann - Alpendorf you can find hikes in all degrees of difficulty: from the family-friendly summit and alpine pasture - tour up to the challenging climbing tour.

You can get the Pongau's Alpine pasture & hut guide at the hotel reception.

Hiking tips in the Alp-summer in Salzburgerland

Obergassalm 1.553 m

Hiking in the mountains of Salzburg
Hikes from the hotel: appr. 2 h

June - September

SalzburgerLand Card (Alpendorf Kabinenbahn):

Walk time from the summit station Alpendorf gondola:
5 min.

You can reach the Obergassalm directly from the Youth Hotel Weitenmoos in about 2 hours walk time. When taking the Alpendorf gondola, walk time is only 5 minutes.

The alp offers homemade products and a playground with slides and swings awaits the kids. To get up to the "spirit mountain" (Geisterberg) you can take the "ghost train" and its entry point is only 15 walking minutes away. 


Maurachalm 1.620 m

Hike from the hotel: appr. 3 h

May - October

SalzburgerLand Card (Alpendorf Kabinenbahn):

You can reach the Maurachalm directly from the Youth Hotel Weitenmoos within about 3 hours on foot. When taking the Alpendorf gondola it takes about 1 hour on foot from the summit station to get to the Maurachalm.

On this hill farm people love to make music and sing. Many home-made delicacies await you.


Weissalm 1.724 m

Weissalm in Großarl
Walk time: appr. 1,5 h 
from Großarl "Grund"

June - October

SalzburgerLand Card:


For generations "Sauerkäse" has been made on an open fireplace. The hill farm is well-known for the wonderful view and the loving furnishing of the hut which is a tribute to the long gone time. 
Recommendable hike for children. 


Loosbühelalm 1.769 m

Losbühelalm in Großarl
Walk time: appr. 1,5 h 
from Großarl "Grund"

May - October

SalzburgerLand Card:

Playing ground and fantastic panorama view

This farm is an insider's tip for all in favour of goat's milk and goat's cheese. Only farm-own products are being offered. Children can use the playground with climbing tower.


Tappenkar lake hut 1.815 m

Hiking trip to the mountain lake
Walk time: appr. 2 h 
from Kleinarl

June - September

SalzburgerLand Card:


Beautiful location at the Tappenkar lake. Warm meals throughout the day. 
With a bit of luck you might see a marmot


Brandstatthütte 1.543 m

Brandstätthütte in Mühlbach, Salzburger Land
Walk time: appr. 45 min. 
from Kopphütte in Mühlbach
(can easily be reached by car)

June - October

SalzburgerLand Card:

The Brandstatthütte is one of 4 huts that are all just a few minutes apart. Original "Bauernkrapfen", elder-juice and many more homemade products. The "4 huts" are located on hilly alpine pastures. An amazing alpine landscape for kids to play on!

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Hiking with kids in Salzburgerland

Around the Youth Hotel Weitenmoos are hiking tours that are also manageable with kids.

Tree learning path Alpendorf

Tree learning path in St. Johann im Pongau
Walk time: appr. 15 Min.
Open: year-round
SalzburgerLand Card:

The tree learning path, on which all the Austrian's tree population (all conifers and deciduous trees - over 30 species!) has naturally grown can be reached in about 15 walking minutes from the Youth Hotel Weitenoos. 

Informative boards tell you about occurance, type of wood, fruit and many other interesting facts. Furthermore there is information about the Austrian tree population and a wood-identification station.

Relaxing loungers are most inviting to linger on. Suitable for school groups as addition to the subject matter forest.


Geisterberg 1.767 m

Geisterberg in St. Johann-Alpendorf
Open: May - October
SalzburgerLand Card:

The spirit mountain (Geisterberg) can be reached by the Alpendorf gondola and from the gondola summit station by the ghost-train (Geisterzug). 
Not only Gensti & Spuki await the little ones and the not-so-little visitors on the spirit mountain but also panoramic towers, climbing-dragon, giant slides, Krampus-caves, air-swings, shooting galleries, water games, mills, waterfalls and many more. 

The older ones can find a hiking and nature experience in a wonderful panoramic location and enjoy the ripple of the waterworld or relax on the fairy square.

Video of the spirit mountain in St. Johann-Alpendorf


Niggeltalalm 1.507 m

Niggltalalm in the valley Großarltal
Walk time: appr. 1 h
Open: June - September
SalzburgerLand Card:

This hill -farm in Großarltal is a paradise for children - not only a little brook and a small pond but also a big playground and cats, dogs and ducks await the kids and teens.

The Igltal is one of the richest areas in wildlife in the Großarltal and with a little luck you can spot a marmot or some chamois.


Riedingalm 1.370 m

Riedingalm in the mountains of Salzburg
Walk time: appr. 40 min.
Open: Beginning of June - October
SalzburgerLand Card:

The Riedingalm in Mühlbach on the Hochkönig can be reached via a beautiful, even Höhenwanderweg.

Not only homemade cheese and home baked pastries but also a large play area in a natural alpine region, waterfalls at the head of the valley and small animals await the kids.


Viehhausalm 1.640 m

Viehhausalm in Grossarl
Walk time: appr. 45 min.
Open End of May - end of October
SalzburgerLand Card:

From the Viehhausalm you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Großarltal
Animals around the hill-farm, an adventure playground with biotope, a chamois-buck-swing, a play tower, a sandpit, a well and a Kneipp facility await the kids.


Wagraini's Grafenberg 1.700 m

Grafenberg Wagrain
Open: Beginning of  June - October
SalzburgerLand Card

The more than 30 adventure stations promise fun for many hours for kids as well as adults!
From the Grafenberg on a raft or over a suspension bridge to the themed route "the busy bee" and on via the Hachau-slide to the low level ropes course.

To get to the swing-forest you can have a stopover at the climbing-stadium. Then the "Track of fascination" will lead you back to the Kinderalm.

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